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Cloud Expo Europe €550 Savings here! Cloud Expo West $800 Savings here! Cloud Computing Journal recently caught up with Pete Malcolm, CEO of cloud management innovators Abiquo - a major new player in the fast-emerging Cloud ecosystem and Platinum Plus Sponsor of 6th Cloud Expo being held in Prague, the Czech Republic, 21-22 June 2010. Malcolm is keynoting at the event. His theme will be "An Open Cloud Ecosystem - the Gathering Storm." Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship & Exhibit Opportunities ! Abiquo was also Platinum Plus Sponsor of the 5th International Cloud Expo held April 19-21, 2010 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City Cloud Computing Journal: How would you define the difference between Private clouds and Public Clouds, and why is the distinction so important in the context of Cloud Computing? Pete Malcolm: Actually, I think people get rather too hun... (more)

Cloud Security on Ulitzer - Nothing New But It Changes Everything

Cloud Security on Ulitzer SYS-CON Events announced today that Glenn Brunette, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Security Architect at Sun Microsystems, will be presenting at the upcoming Cloud Computing Conference & Expo ( this coming November 2-4, 2009, in Santa Clara, California. His session will be entitled "Cloud Security - It's Nothing New, It Changes Everything!" Sponsor or Exhibit at Cloud Computing Expo! Register to Attend and Save! Speak at Cloud Computing Expo 2010! Cloud Security - It's Nothing New, It Changes Everything! This session cuts through the hype and sharpens our focus on what security means for cloud computing and other elastic, hyper-scale architectures. Is security different in the Cloud? Discussions of similarities and specific new challenges will be reinforced using use cases and architectural patterns showing why cl... (more)

Cloud Standards: Enabling Interoperability and Package Delivery

Abiquo Session at Cloud Expo A combination of interoperability and portability is the Holy Grail of cloud computing, but is nearly impossible to achieve without standards. Hypervisor vendors give lip service to standardization, but have yet to deliver. Standards enable open source applications, foster competition and innovation. In his session at the 5th International Cloud Expo, Diego Parrilla, VP Product Management at Abiquo, will discuss cloud computing standards, emphasizing interoperability and package delivery using the Open Virtualization Format (OVF). OVF is an open, secure, portable, efficient and extensible format for the packaging and distribution of software to be run in virtual machines. Abiquo applies OVF to effectively manage multiple datacenters in one platform, making it possible to define and replicate deployments in different infrastructures. Vend... (more)

Global Hosting Providers Select Abiquo for Enterprise Cloud Management

“We have extensively evaluated products from all the Cloud management vendors over the last six months,” said Jason Serda, managing director and CIO of BlueFire, a leading hosting provider and Dimension Data Group company. “Abiquo’s solution was the clear winner, providing superior capabilities particularly for our enterprise customers. For example, our clients will be able to automate the provisioning of virtual infrastructures available across six of our primary datacenter facilities. The combination of the Abiquo platform and IP developed in conjunction with our partners has enabled BlueFire to today provide a no compromise approach to give our customers complete flexibility to define their own environments – just like a physical datacenter, but without the need to maintain the infrastructure.” Abiquo, Enterprise Cloud Management software provider, on Tuesday anno... (more)

Open Cloud Manifesto Reaches 150 Supporting Companies

Support for the The Open Cloud Manifesto, keeps on growing with more then 150 companies signed on. Below is the latest list of supporting companies. 21vianet, Abiquo Corp., Accario Inc., Advanced Millennium Technologies, AgileCLOUD, Akamai, Alert Logic, Altic, American Data Company, AMD, Aptana, Appistry, AppZero, Arista Networks, ASPgems, AT&T Corp., attribo, Avail Intelligence, Averiware, BakBone Software, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Bit Estudio S.L., BLADE Network Technologies, Blend digital, BlueLock, Bluescreen Network, Boomi, Business Logic, Cargojet, S.A., Cast lron, Cellopoint, Cisco, Clarified Networks, CloudVu, Cloudsoft Corporation, CORAID, Crescendo Networks, CSC, Dash Photos, DatR, Dilgenter, The Eclipse Foundation, Elastra, EMC, Engine Yard, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, eNovance, Enomaly, enStratus, eyeOS, F5, FirstMile.US, Fireworks Software... (more)

Europe's Cloud Experts Head to Prague for Cloud Expo Europe 2009

From tomorrow Cloud Computing and Virtualization are going to be center stage, 18-19 May, at the Prague Hilton as the Czech Republic plays host to Cloud Computing Expo Europe 2009, co-located with Virtualization Conference Europe 2009 - the first conference outside the USA in SYS-CON's world-beating series of events devoted to the two hottest interlinked topics in Enterprise IT today. Speakers and attendees alike are converging on Prague from all over Europe, and indeed many are even flying in from the USA and other continents in order to familiarize themselves with where exactly Europe is located on the Cloud/Virtualization spectrum right now. Here is a round-up of speakers, arranged by country of origin. View the Full Schedule Here Register Today and Save €450 ! From the Czech Republic: Roman Stanek - Founder & CEO, Good Data Session Title [click for full details]: ... (more)

Cloud Management Innovator Abiquo Announces Platinum Plus Sponsorship of Cloud Expo 2010 East

Abiquo Keynote at Cloud Expo "In re-launching as a U.S.-based commercial company, we recognize the high-value opportunity to have a platinum-level presence at the biggest and best Cloud computing event in the industry,” said Pete Malcolm (pictured), CEO of Cloud management innovators Abiquo, as Abiquo today announced that it is a Platinum Plus sponsor of the 5th International Cloud Computing Expo, April 19-21 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Register Today and Save $550 ! Explore Sponsorship Opportunities ! “The Cloud Expo organizers have supported us very well, not least by helping us maintain our ‘stealth’ anonymity until today’s announcement," continued Malcolm. He added: "I can’t think of a better place to articulate our vision, including how we believe there is a need to move beyond the hype and to set out a clear roadmap of how Cloud comp... (more)

Abiquo VP to Present at Cloud Expo East

Abiquo Session at Cloud Expo Welcome to the end of vendor lock-in. Cloud computing is often heralded as being the best way for organizations to increase flexibility and improve efficiency. However, that flexibility is greatly diminished by the proprietary nature of cloud computing platforms. Hypervisor formats are fixed, allowing almost no chance of interoperability or portability. Teams must use the same hypervisor even if their needs change or they would prefer a different one that better suits their project. Abiquo overcomes vendor lock-in by supporting and managing multiple hypervisors in the same Private Cloud, allowing users to choose any hypervisor and easily port their virtual machines if and when their needs change. In his session at the 5th International Cloud Expo, Diego Parrilla, VP Product Management at Abiquo, will discuss the benefits of vendor neutr... (more)

Abiquo’s Diego Parrilla to Present at Cloud Expo East

Abiquo Session at Cloud Expo Traditionally, a team's infrastructure resources have been at the mercy of the system administrator. Development teams using Agile Development Methodologies are made rigid by this dated and inefficient system. "What if" scenarios are generally never attempted because the upfront cost of IT resources needed to reallocate the necessary infrastructure is too high. Unfortunately, Agile development efforts often fail because the development team does not control the management and deployment of the artifacts they develop. In his session at the 5th International Cloud Expo, Diego Parrilla, VP Product Management at Abiquo, will discuss the future of infrastructure management, which will reduce our dependence on IT for day-to-day operations, eliminating waste and boosting productivity in the process. Abiquo makes that future a reality by givin... (more)

Cloud Computing Markets Expected to Reach $100 Billion

"Cloud Computing Providers Gain Traction" "Security Fears Dampen Prospects for Cloud Computing" "Taiwan Government Plans to Invest in Cloud Computing" "Companies Slowly Join Cloud Computing" "As Cloud Computing Grows, Customer Frustration Mounts" "Cloud Computing Markets Expected to Reach $100 Billion" This is a sampling of current headlines related to Cloud Computing, as the Fifth International Cloud Expo opens at the Javits Center in New York. Well, which is it? Is the glass one-third full or two-thirds empty? Is there a consensus thumbs-up or thumbs-down here? Should I stay (with what I have) or should I go (into the land of Cloud Computing)? Clearly, there is now momentum behind Cloud Computing. This is retroactive momentum if you count all the individuals using Consumer Cloud stuff like gmail, Facebook (and the 100 million on Farmville), and for using the Web in ... (more)

Cloud Expo Momentum Continues

"We had a very successful presence at the Cloud Expo in New York. Significant opportunities now being progressed with an extremely positive response from the market to say the least!" This comment from an exhibitor was not uncommon as the event, the world's largest Cloud Computing ever produced, finished its three-day run. The next editions will be held in Prague June 21-22 and Santa Clara November 1-3. David Linthicum, the well-known technologist and writer, wrote about the New York event, "What's most interesting about this conference is the size. Although vendor -focused, it's the largest cloud computing conference I've ever seen. The attendees are mostly people who 'need to know what the cloud is,' and are in search of vendors and consultants to help them move systems to cloud computing platforms, either public or private." David said he found three main reason... (more)